A and B flat Clarinets

Jonathan plays on a pair of 1932 Boosey and Hawkes '200' clarinets, once owned and played on by Alan Hacker. These instruments were the immediate precursor to the '1010' model for which Boosey and Hawkes became famous before the war. They are identical to the pair owned by Frederick Thurston, currently held at the Shakleton Collection in Edinburgh. These particular instruments, coupled with a close lay mouthpiece allow him excellent flexibility and ease of tone production in extreme registers.

Basset Clarinet in A

The basset clarinet was the original instrument for which Mozart wrote his clarinet concerto and quintet. Its invention is co-attributed to Anton Stadler (Mozartís clarinettist) and Viennese instrument maker Theodor Lotz. It differs from the basset horn in that it is simply an A clarinet which has been extended an extra four semitones down to a low C, the extra length giving it a warm, rich sound. Jonathan plays on an 1894 Buffet clarinet with basset extension by Charlie Wells (tuning, Alan Hacker). Before being extended the clarinet was played on by Alan Hacker, and afterwards was used by Italian clarinettist Michele Marelli in Stockhausenís ensemble. Jonathan performs the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and quintet on the basset clarinet, as well as modern repertoire by William Sweeney and Garrett Sholdice.

Bass Clarinet
Jonathan plays a Selmer Privilege bass clarinet, the very latest model from the maker widely regarded as the best for basses

Alto Sax
Jonathan plays on 1927 Selmer Modele 26 alto saxophone, an historic instrument from one of the great saxophone makers of the 20th century. With its small bore, it produces a clean, precise tone.

E flat Clarinet

C Clarinet

B flat Simple System Clarinet