Solo Clarinet Repertoire

         Cage, John
             -         Clarinet Sonata

         Carter, Elliot
             -         Gra

         Chin, Pablo
             -         Kaval Imaginaro

         Feery, Amanda
             -         Rattle

         Glover, Richard
             -         Bilinear (clarinet and electronics)

         Harker, Alexander
             -         Fluence (clarinet and electronics)

         Nangle, Jonathan
             -         Particle (clarinet and electronics)

         Reich, Steve
             -         New York Counterpoint

         Sachdev, Salil
             -         Dance

         Schlepper-Connolly, Benedict
             -         Cyan (clarinet and electronics)

         Sholdice, Garrett
             -         Harmonie
             -         Five Organa for Jonathan Sage [basset clarinet] (clarinet and electronics)

         Smith, William O.
             -         Five Pieces
             -         Jazz Set
             -         Variants

         Stockhausen, Karlheinz
             -         Amour

         Stravinsky, Igor
             -         Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo

         Sweeney, William
             -         An Og Mhadain [basset clarinet]

         Yausa, Joji
             -         Clarinet Solitude

         Ziporyn, Evan
             -         Four Impersonations

Concerto Repertoire

         Arnold, Malcolm
             -         Clarinet Concerto No.2

         Copland, Aaron
             -         Clarinet Concerto

         Mozart, W.A.
             -         Concerto for Clarinet in A major K.622 [basset clarinet]

         Krommer, Franz
             -         Concerto in Eb

         Weber, Carl Maria
             -         Concerto No.1
             -         Concerto No.2
             -         Concertino

Clarinet and Piano Repertoire

         Adams, John
             -         Gnarly Buttons

         Berg, Alban
             -         Four Pieces

         Bernstein, Leonard
             -         Sonata

         Brahms, Johannes
             -         Sonata in F minor op.120 No.1
             -         Sonata in Eb major op.120 No.2

         Dankworth, John
             -         Frantic Firefly

         Debussy, Claude
             -         Premiere Rhapsodie
             -         Petit Piece

         Finzi, Gerald
             -         Five Bagatelles

         Gade, Niels
             -         Fantasy Pieces

         Lefevre, Xavier
             -         Sonata No.1
             -         Sonata No.2
             -         Sonata No.3
             -         Sonata No.4
             -         Sonata No.5

         Lutoslawski, Witold
             -         Dance Preludes

         Mendelssohn, Felix
             -         Sonata in Eb

         Messager, Andre
             -         Solo de Concours

         Mozart, WA
             -         Divertimento No.1
             -         Divertimento No.2
             -         Divertimento No.3

         Nielsen, Carl
             -         Fantasy

         Poulenc, Francis
             -         Clarinet Sonata

         Reade, Paul
             -         Suite from the Victorian Kitchen Garden

         Saint-Saens, Camile
             -         Sonata op.167

         Schumann, Robert
             -         Fantasy Pieces

         Weber, Carl Maria
             -         Grand Duo Concertante
             -         7 Variations op.33

Clarinet and Other Instruments

         Beethoven, Ludwig Van
             -         Trio for Clarinet Cello and Piano

         Brahms, Johannes
             -         Quintet for Clarinet and Strings
             -         Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

         Crusell, Bernhard
             -         Quartet for Clarinet and Strings

         Jacob, Gordon
             -         Three Pieces for Clarinet and Soprano

         McLaughlin, Scott
             -         Vertices

         Milhaud, Darius
             -         Suite for Clarinet Violin and Piano

         Mozart, WA
             -         Quintet for Clarinet and Strings [basset clarinet]
             -         Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano ‘Kegelstaat’ K.498